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How to Paint Furniture – Media Console DIY

Are you ready to see how I transformed my media console? I love modern and beautiful furniture but the problem sometimes I face is the color or the hardware. If you are wondering why I’m not buying the media console I like but have to paint it? Well, I know how and where to shop but I have a budget which is a game changer. The same console in white color and tinted doors will be around $1500, so I purchased it for $399 from Costco and made it look like $1500.

diy media cabinet

The color that it came in was pale green and since my bedroom is mainly white and silver shades the green doesn’t really look well with the rest of the furniture.

How to paint furniture (media console)

It’s not as hard as you may think but you need to be patient. I removed the doors and moved the console outside because of the smell and also not to make a mess in the bedroom.

The paint I used was Valspar semi-gloss cabinet enamel. If you are going to ask how did I prepare the console for painting? I just cleaned the dust and this is pretty much all I did. With that being said you need to be patient with this process.


The paint is pretty thick but don’t let this full you because you need 3 coats (at least I did). When you are in the store and they sell you the most expensive paint you will hear “This is the best paint on the market, one coat guarantee” it’s not true. After one coat the results are not really good, so after the second coat, you can still see some places that need to be painted again.

Below is the image with one coat.

how to paint media console

Do not rush with the second and third coats (if you need them) wait as long as it says on the instructions (my paint says about 8 hours between coats).

I used both brush and roller. Buy a better quality of both because it will make a difference at the end. I just want to mention one more thing I did on this media console, I placed a rice paper inside the glass doors because I don’t like the see-through look. I purchased it from Home Depot (image below). They have many different designs and patterns.


This is the finished look. I really love the look. It’s just perfect.

doy media console painting


Have you painted media console or any furniture?