Vacation in Mexico | El Dorado Royale resort review

Hello beauties, recently me and my husband came back from vacation in Mexico. This was our third time there and we absolutely loved it. We went to El Dorado Royale for the second time because once you see the beauty of this resort you want to keep coming back (this is not a sponsored post in any way).

Everything in the resort is amazing if you wonder what a paradise is this is the place. All of the employees are always smiling, positive, extremely helpful, and they way they treat you is priceless.

(the images were taken with my DSLR camera and iPhone, no editing was made so you can see without exaggerating)

When you are walking through the resort the atmosphere is amazing. Everyone from the staff always greets you. I got so used to greeting everyone that when I come back to the States I was about to greet everyone I saw.

Since me and my husband are not tanning and reading books all day we love the activities we were able to do in Mexico.

Mexico Vacation

The main things we participated were the beach volleyball, water polo, water volleyball, ping pong, biking and I did some painting. But there are more things we didn’t do like tennis, archery, rifle shooting, yoga, visiting the greenhouse, bike tour, dancing lessons, kayaking, fitness center, cooking lessons (I may be missing more).

Mexico Vacation

You can keep yourself busy if you like this type of vacations. We do which may be strange for some but we can’t really lay at the beach all day and do nothing. I wish I can do that and relax but I can’t, my type of relaxing is being active (go figure).

For the spa lovers, you have everything there. so you will not miss anything. If you are romantic kind of person the romantic dinners or couple massages at the beach are absolutely beautiful. This is the place you will be treated like a queen or/and king.

Mexico Vacation

Are you a foodie? If yes you will have so many choices (many different restaurants). I personally am not picky about food but my husband is so I have to go to every restaurant and try different things every time (girls problems).

The cleanliness of the resort and the rooms is on point. I feel the staff doesn’t sleep, such a hard working people. When you go on vacation you really want to relax, feel great and welcome, this resort makes you feel that way.

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If you would like to do some sightseeing the options are unlimited. You can visit many places and do activities like swimming in a cave, zip lining, paddling, and so many more experiences. The memories from our trips are priceless.

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The only downside for me is the blocks and sandbags placed in the water. I believe their purpose is to break the waves that are taking over the beach area. If you can pass that point then you will have an amazing time. On the other note, there are many pools so you will definitely have a great time.

This was my recent Mexico vacation. Have you been to Mexico?