Victoria Beckham for Target collection

Victoria Beckham for Target – Looks and Review

I’m so excited to share with you some of the pieces from the Victoria Beckham collection for Target. I just want to tell you that Target had many designer collections in the past and many of the names were favorite of mine but nobody beats Victoria Beckham’s collection so far (this is not a sponsored or paid post).

Victoria Beckham for Target

This romper is so beautiful. You can style it with any shoes and bags.

Victoria Beckham for Target Review

If I can describe Victoria Beckham with one word it will be classic. She is one of those designers that doesn’t follow trends but creates them. Through the years she has always dressed to perfection. Her brand is very successful with the pieces she creates that I’m not surprised the Target collection is absolutely beautiful and it’s a hit.

As soon as you enter the store you can spot her pieces, not because they are in front of the store but because they are cheerful colors. The prints are absolutely beautiful and the designed pieces themselves are just too good.

There is something for every taste and body shape. The collection plus sizes as well. There is something for mommy and me pieces. If you have a daughter you can totally wear matching outfits. The designs and pastel colors for the girls are just adorable.

Hopefully, you find this post helpful. There are more pieces offered online as well.

Victoria Beckham for Target

You can look trendy on a budget. Victoria Beckham collection for Target is a great example. 

Victoria Beckham for Target

Victoria Beckham for Target

Victoria Beckham collection

Victoria Beckham for Target

Victoria Beckham for Target

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Victoria Beckham collection

This scarf is just beautiful, the colors and the bees print are perfect for this season and the Summer. The scarf can be styled with many outfits, the different ways of wrapping will give you many fun looks.

Women’s Plus Marigold High Neck Scallop Trim Tank Top
Black Satin Photo Floral Skirt
Black Calla Lily Button Down Top
Retro Floral Tie Waist Romper

Do you like Victoria Beckham for Target collection? Which one is your favorite piece?

  • modnitsa

    Love the Victoria Beckham collection – I ordered a pink drop-waist dress yesterday and am very excited for it to arrive later this week. Thank you for posting your outfits – they look stunning – and you’re so right, the prints look classy AND fun!

  • Maria DeCotiis

    Love the collection! I wish we had a Target in Canada!

  • BeautyTalksBeauty

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the Victoria Beckham collection. I love this post. Everything looks so pretty.

  • I love everything. Victoria Beckham is so creative and talented.

  • Target is my favorite store. I didn’t know there is no Target in Canada.

  • The pieces were amazing, so happy I got to see everything in person. Let me know how the dress fits. Can’t wait to see images.

  • I really love that skirt and the colors are all really lovely too! Happy to finally get to check out the VB collection!

  • Girl I love every single one of these! I need to get my butt over there! Im all about classy and colorful!


  • Haha you are so funny. I love all the pieces by Victoria Beckham for Target.

  • Yes, loved everything about this collection.

  • Tharget is everything!!! Love the store and for the last couple of years they have amazing clothing in the stores.

  • You will love everyhting. Such a beautiful colors and patterns.